About the Collegiate Society Foundation

The Collegiate Society Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. The Foundation operates the Collegiate Society of America, a network of debate and public affairs clubs that foster leadership while advancing democracy.

Mission Statement

Through the non‐partisan debate of ideas, the Collegiate Society Foundation strives to bring more college students into our nation’s democratic process and increase awareness about the important political issues facing the nation.

Vision Statement

For years, college campuses have been hotbeds of political activism and debate.  College campuses are home to many political clubs and debate societies. However, more often than not, political clubs found on college and university campuses are partisan and the debate groups are more focused on rhetoric and form than the discussion of ideas.  Therefore, the Collegiate Society Foundation operates the Collegiate Society of America to create a new kind of club for college students

The Collegiate Society of America aspires to be a national organization with chapters at colleges and universities across the United States of America.  The organization adheres to a strictly non‐partisan philosophy and is dedicated to the debating and the airing of the important problems facing our country and the ideas to fix these problems.  Debating these ideas will always be our focus, rather than the style or format in which these ideas are delivered.

We feel by creating a welcoming forum for the discussion and debate of ideas, more students will become interested in our political system and this will empower students to assume leadership roles both in our organization and on their campuses that prepare them for futures in public and private life.  CSAmerica wishes to establish chapters at all colleges and universities in order to ensure the diversity that makes our country great. This includes diversity of people, ideas, and experiences.

The ultimate goal of the Collegiate Society of America is to have chapters at colleges and universities in every State of the Union and further, to get as many students involved in the organization as possible. The Collegiate Society of America is a student‐run organization that will help to create our nation’s future leaders and statesmen.  Through Collegiate Society programs, students will become more confident in their ability to express their ideas and their leadership skills.  They will graduate from college with a greater knowledge of the issues facing our country and will be ready to assume their civic duties in our democratic process.


Approved by the Board of Directors, November 2007